Key features

Early warning system

  • Receive your new at-risk accounts and your upsell opportunities each week thanks to our Slackbot or by email
  • Prioritize your accounts and create your weekly to-do list
  • Create your tasks from your Slackbot directly in your CRM

Smarter Health Score

  • Start with an audit data to understand and optimize your data
  • Work with a data scientist team to create your smarter health score in less than one months
  • Share with us 2 feedbacks before having the final version of your health score
  • Detect 80% of your at-risk customers and upsell opportunities
  • Update of your health score every six months and enjoy a customizable health score

Nalia's Dashboard

  • See at a glance which companies or customers are at risk or an upsell opportunity
  • Check all the signals that trigger the alerts
  • Analyze the impact of your post-alerts actions