Why Nalia is the best Customer Success platfom alternative?

Nalia is a revenue intelligence solution, 100% integrated into your current tools (CRM, Support Ticket, Usage Tool).
We are not an additional CS platform for several reasons.

You’ll have access to your customers’ health in less than a week (it’s very easy to use and to implement)

We know which data you should take into account and how to weigh them to detect your at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities !

You'll be able to centralize all your data and therefore to capitalize on a tool you already have (no need to take months to implement and to pay another platform)

You can create your notes, playbooks and send personalized campaigns directly from your CRM

Nalia will help you maximize your revenue by prioritizing your at-risk accounts and limiting your churn rate and monitoring metrics, such as gross churn and net retention

Nalia makes the best of your CRM by optimzing it and by creating a solution created for your CSMsby your CSMs and useful to everyone within your company!

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